Introducing Two Story 

The revolutionary workforce platform that helps you improve the health and performance of your organization at every level. 

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Individual Well-Being and Performance

Decode the employee characteristics that strengthen (or undermine) performance, so you can set employees up for success.

Team Health and Culture

Uncover the factors that improve health and reveal the souce of stressors with a diagnostic of individual, team and organizational factors.

Organization Flight Risk and Retention

Detect early signs of disengagement and translate these signals into an actionable roadmap for leaders.

Everyone says they want to focus. Few have the insights to isolate opportunities worth their investment.

Each of the Two Story capabilities leverages the power of machine learning to quantify impact – so you and your team can focus on the areas of your business that have the greatest leverage.


Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center

Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center discovered the the Founder Mindset that enables entrepreneurial factors of sustainability.

Public Sector Enterprise

A public sector enterprise developed a unified system for detect early signs of disengagement, predict the flight risk of a team member, and guide managers with personalized and practical feedback to take relevant action and improve retention. 

Univeristy of California - Office of the President

The University of California - Office of the President decoded the drivers of PhD student retention and enable leaders on campus to be more data-driven, proactive and personalized in their approach to student success.

Stand Out from the Crowd and Gain an Edge. 

Two Story collaborates with forward-thinking organizations that recognize the pivotal role of people in their success. We partner with those who value empirical research – because complex challenges require a rigorous approach – and value translating ideas into action – because we can’t make a difference from the sideline.

Note from our Founder

I started my career mastering the art and science of human behavior. Trained as a forensic interviewer and clinical therapist, I developed tools and techniques for helping clients reverse engineer their objective, design the best path forward, and achieve their goals. 

With Michael Mueller and Bryce Murray, PhD, I founded Two Story. Our multidisciplinary team, consisting of behavioral and computer scientists, developed robust and practical technology to solve the most complex and important workforce challenges of our day.  

Together with our clients and partners, we empower entrepreneurs and leaders at every stage in business create thriving organizations. We assist leaders in focusing on what their teams really need to be aligned, equipped and connected, while helping employees find meaning and purpose in and out of the workplace. 

Will you join us? 

Kerry Goyette